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PIONEER PACKAGES (PVT) LTD was established in 2007 to help corporates, retailers and FMCG brands eliminate plastic completely from their entire supply chain. We aim to do this by offering high-quality eco-friendly and reusable shopping bags in Pakistan and international market made from sustainable materials. Our offerings cater to the needs of a wide variety of clients, ranging from individual customers and shoppers, all the way to world-renowned organizations such as NISHAT LINEN, SANA SAFINAZ, SAPPHIRE, BEECHTREE, LIMELIGHT, OUTFITTERS and much more.

We pride ourselves in being able to revolutionize the market with our high-quality shopping bags and customizable corporate products, aided by our extensive knowledge about the market and vast experience in the field of recyclable and reusable materials. We are headquartered in Pakistan where we produce our products in our end-to-end manufacturing facilities. All our products are ethically sourced and all our factories adhere to strict social buying conditions that include equal opportunities, fair compensation and health and safety compliance. All our products are also fully certified and approved by world-renowned authorities and certificatory bodies.

We are experts when it comes to manufacturing all kinds of recyclable, reusable and sustainable products. Buying your products from us ensures the highest quality, trust and reliability for your customers. It is also the easiest and safest way to ensure that your organization is complying with all international standards and regulations.

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Textile inspires and equips people to accelerate sustainable practices in the textile value chain.
We focus on minimizing the harmful impacts of the global textile industry and maximizing its positive effects.

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We envision a global textile industry that protects and restores the environment and enhances lives.

79-A HBFC Faisal Town Lahor Pakistan
Office 1

79-A HBFC Faisal Town Lahor Pakistan​

Office 1

79-A HBFC Faisal Town Lahor Pakistan​